Effective Classroom Teaching or Success of Learning depends on the ability to understand learning problems of children and execution of action plans in every day classrooms. Basically there are four influential roles in formal learning process; Teachers, Intelligence of a child , Classmates and Time. These four basic elements should be interlinked in teaching and learning activities. Updating latest changes in teaching , innovative ideologies , flexibility to adopt the best practices in teaching , unique way of presenting a concept, verbal and no –verbal languages etc.. are the main streams effective teaching . These were the glittering words of the resource person. Mr. V R Binumon , the Principal , Adarsh Vidya Kendra , Nagercoil . Our school organized a meaningful one day workshop for the teaching staff to brush up their previous knowledge and updating latest techniques in Effective Classroom Management on 26 –May -2107 The four interactive sessions were indeed useful to our staff . Sir discussed about 8 major problems for effective classroom management and had given implementable solutions .

Mr Ramachandra Hebbar