“Eat less from a box and more from the Earth”.

Life expectancy would grow by leaps and bounds if green vegetables smelled as good as bacon. With an objective to create and educate children about the importance and consumption of vegetables in their regular diet, Montessori section celebrated vegetable day on 31-6-2017. Teachers encouraged children to have vegetables and fruits in their meals. They also explained the importance of vegetables intake in diet for mental and physical growth. The tiny tots also learned more about the taste, smell colour and texture of each vegetable. Children realized clearly about the necessity of washing the vegetables before eating or cooking Mrs. Anupama Shetty, Joint Managing Trustee , Bhandya Education Trust, Shri Shyju K R Nair ,The Principal of the school attended the programme and highlighted about the thought that we can’t control everything in our life but we can control what we put in our body .

Mr Ramachandra Hebbar