The programme of planting trees on the earth is called as Vanamahotsava. Due to man’s greediness , the dense forests have vanished completely and so, there is environmental imbalance on earth. The wild animals which should be in the forests have lost their livelihood and now, they can be seen in our neighborhood. They are large buildings in the place of dense forests. The temperature is rising year to year in our environment. There is no rain at proper time. Because of all these activities , we can see natural calamities everywhere. Now the mankind have realised. He has come to know that if the forests are vanished, then, certainly he cannot live here. On the basis of this reason, he has started planting trees.
Like every year, even this year our school took part in the Vanamahotsava celebration. We celebrated it on 25.06.2016. We planted trees near the butterfly garden with great enthusiasm. Our Vice Principal, Mrs. Sunanda Patil and our joint managing trustee Mrs. Anupama Shetty were with us. There were many children including our school’s proud NCC cadates along with our teachers. All the students who took part in the Vanamahotsava celebration of our school could be seen very happy and everyone were proud that they have planted a tree . As the Vanamahotsava celebration took place in our school, the students of Gurukula came to know the importance of Vanamahotsava and what is their role in it.

-Akshari Shetty X-‘B’