Principal’s Desk

The Indian Author Joddu Krishnamurthy said “The function of education is to help you from childhood not to imitate anybody, but be yourself all the time”.

Education means learning to think for yourself, learning to make and repair friendships, learning to see other people’s point of view, learning not to be frightened of uncertainty or difficulty , learning how to live in society, learning how to be a good citizen, learning how to be self rehant.

Education needs to prepare children for the real world-children need to learn to problem solving and show initiative, to be able to work as a team and to develop great communication skills. Developing the ability to think creatively is very important as well as having the curiosity to explore areas of interest and excitement.

The role of the teacher has changed dramatically and although now not the fountain of all knowledge, the role is as important as ever in teaching children how to process the massive amount of information now available to us. Developing these skills is a critical part of education. Teachers are now very aware of the need to engage their students through ensuring children understand very clearly the purpose of real life application of the skills being taught.

21st century skills such as the 4’CS- creativity , critical thinking communication and collaboration are essential for absorbing knowledge and for work Performance.

Children need to develop Character, including behaviors, attitudes and valves, to face an increasingly challenging world. For this reason school programs which develop traits such as adaptability, Persistence, resilience, integrity, justice, empathy and ethics are increasingly important. Rather than simply asking students to memorize and recite facts, the teachers in Gurukula have provided opportunities for students to memorize and recite facts, the teachers have provided opportunities for students to learn independently, to retrieve information from different sources to analyze it critically and to use it effectively through project learning and other multi-disciplinary learning activities.

Dear students life is like a large price of marble and you are the sculptor. The mind, will and skill of a sculpture decide the shape of this marble. Like wise, your mind, will and skill will help shape your life. Do not allow circumstances to restrict your dreams hearing does not end when one leaves school. We must all strive to improve and excel, no matter what path way we are going to take with the advantage of having your education in Gurukula, coupled with hard work , positive attitude and knowledge, your dreams will take you as far as you can image. Do not look for opportunities that hide behind adversities, as there is always another way of looking forward.

Wish you all the best


ARAVINDH V MARALI – B.Ed, M.Sc (Physics), M.Sc (Mathematics)