The vision of GURUKULA public school is to render WORLD CLASS QUALITY EDUCATION in school learning with
innovative techniques driven by social sensitivity and latest teaching methodology. With the team of expert teachers and
all the necessary infrastructures needed to maintain high standard, we stand one among the best schools in qualitative education
and inputs from personality development to suit ever changing needs in the industry and society.



GURUKULA PUBLIC SCHOOL is committed to the mission by catalyzing the quality of school education which is not only to cater students as academic
brainees but to prepare them to the future society as bold and confident citizens with good moral values in their personality
to meet the social challenges and cultural systems in which they have to operate themselves as competitive and successful individuals.

Our Belief

We believe that the school education is the most basic and fruitful stage where a child’s
personality is been shaped into a moral being with wide and diverse educational background and
practical experiences. The broad minded, dedicated faculty with the commitment at GURUKULA will
serve the needs of students with the lookout for the latest development in education at GLOBAL LEVEL.

We also believe that innovation is the key to progress in the modern world and therefore our
curriculum will always have newer areas of development to serve the purpose of life with the best education.