Conscious use of plants through food leads to healthy and better life: Dr. Rajesh Bairy, the chief Guest

There are three jewels on this Earth. Those are water, food, and knowledge. All these three are interdependent. Food plays a predominant role in everyone’s life. Food which is prepared by leaves roots and plants is healthier than any other food. Plants have medicinal value. To be healthy, one must eat Traditional food. Indian Traditional food has the ability to cure many diseases. It is more scientific and systematic. Traditional Indian Foods have been recognized as functional foods because of the presence of functional components such as body healing chemicals, antioxidants dietary fibers and probiotic. These functional foods help in weight management, blood sugar balance and support immunity of the body. At the different stages of life, the constitution of the human body changes and it requires unique eating habits to sustain normal psychological functions. These were the packed words from Dr.Rajesh Bairy, Ayuverda Doctor, Chitrakoota Ayuverda Chikistalaya,Chittoor. Dr.Rajesh Bairy was the chief guest of 7th Consecutive years ‘Sasyamrutha’. The programmae was organised on 28-07-2019 in our school campus.

Dr.Rajesh Bairy spoke about the values of plants for human beings. Sir had shown and explained varieties of plants and its medicinal values. According to him, conscious use of plants leads to a healthy and better life. After the chief guest address, Dr. Mahabala( M.Sc. and PhD Yoga ) highlighted the need of yoga for human beings. Shri Basrur Appanna Hegde, the founder Chairman and The president of our institution urged about Indian food which has rich culture and Tradition. It is our duty to create awareness among the young generation. Joint Managing Trustee of Bhandya Education Trust, Smt. Anupama Shetty gave Introductory Remark and Welcomed the gathering.

After the formal function, more than 32 traditional Indian foods were served during lunch for more than 300 people. Food like Muriya hannina Kashaya, Appe Huli, Kesuvina Chatni, Baledindina Palya, Patrode Gali, Bellili Elaya idlli etc.were highlighted by everyone.