VI Consecutive year Programme

Food , Travelling, Culture and Thinking are four requisites things for good human being . If we want to live in healthy way these for are essential.

Traditional Indian Foods have been recognized as functional foods because of the presence of functional components such as body healing chemicals, antioxidants dietary fibers and pro biotic. These functional foods help in weight management, blood sugar balance and support immunity of the body. At the different stages of life, the constitution of the human body changes and it requires unique eating habits to sustain normal psychological functions.

Traditionally Indian foods are classified into Sathvika food and Thamasika food. Moreover Indian food is specific to season. These were the thought provoking words of the chief guest Dr. Ravikrishna S, Lecturer at Ayuverdic College Kutpadi, Udupi . To create awareness among young generation about Indian tradition food and its unique Ayurvedic value, Gurukula Public School organized 6th consecutive year ‘Sasyamrutha’ on 29th July 2018. The chief guest ————focused on importance of traditional food and relationship between food system and mind.

The president of Bhandya Education Trust Sri. B. AppannaHegde sir stressed on value of Desi food for human beings. The joint Managing trustee Smt. Anupama Shetty welcomed the gathering with the introductory remarks. Nearly 29 varieties of traditional foods served for hundreds of people during ‘Sasyamrutha’.