Vision—“Reunite- Reunion-Reignite”

Hundreds of old students who studied in our school collectively gathered under one roof called Alumni Association. The inauguration ceremony was held on 03-06-2018. Nearly 425 students enrolled their names in the association. Office bearers were appointed in the programme. Govind Rai and CharitraShetty nominated as the president and vice president of the alumni association .

The senior lawyer of Kundapura and The chief guest of the function , Shri T. Balachandra Shetty addressed the importance of the association. Shree AravindMarali , the principal of Gurukula Public School cleared out aims and objectives of the association. The appointed office bearers spoke about their experiences and expressed their happiness for the formation of Alumni Association. Joint Managing Trustees of Bhandya Education Trust , Shri Subhashchandra Shetty and Smt. Anupama S Shetty presided the function and expected them to come to school whenever they feel to come and hoped the association will be fruitful for their future life and betterment of the school.