“Let’s nurture the nature, so that we can have a better future”

Environment is everything that determines the life of us, the human being on this earth. World environment day is celebrated on 5th June every year declared by the UN General Assembly in 1972. The main aim of observing this day is to change attitude towards environment and advocate partnership between each human being and society to ensure a safe future.

We the Gurukula family a a whole celebrating the world environment day on 05/06/17 Monday with full vigor and enthusiasm. The celebration start with a special morning assembly dedicated to the environment day. From primary section Reshma of the fifth standard presented a thought provoking speech on environment pollution and from secondary section shared the concept of history and importance of environment day with school. It was followed by a skit from 9th standard students where they expressed their views on the human activities that destroys the environment. The primary section students also has strong opinion on deforestation and they portrayed it beautifully through a mine. After the assembly all the children in two groups went to the school garden with the sapling they brought and planted them in the garden. Our school principal Mr. Shiju K R Nair Sir, Chairman Mr. Shubhashchandra Shetty along with Vice Principal Sunanda Mam accompanied the students And Chairman Sir officially inaugurated the program by planting a sapling in the garden. All students have bought various kinds of saplings and they planted them in the garden and took an oath to plant more trees and save the nature.

Minimol Jacob