Once Shre. Rajakobalachari said “English language is the greatest gift of Goddesses Sarashwathi to India”. The importance of English language cannot be mitigated even if so desired. It is almost necessary that a learner has a good command over the language to allow him overall success in life. A good English language lab when established and used by an institute can do wonders for the learners. The learners develop a continuous interest to learn the language as it encourages them to understand it and facilitates the understanding of the concepts of the language. So in our school we have established Wordsworth English lab. All our English teachers had participated in the two days workshop and training program conducted by the Wordsworth English Lab Team chief trainer Mr. Mageshwar on 13th & 14th of July in our school Language lab. Now the language lab and all our English language teachers are ready to make our children to have good command over English.

Mr. Jupiter