“ What we are doing to the forest of the world is but a mirror reflection of what we are doing to ourselves and one another”. This is the valuable thought by Mahatma Gandhi which gives us a great opportunity to under our minds in conserving our mother earth. This thinking is actually necessary because without nature and without environment, we cannot even imagine the human life.
This environmental awareness was strengthened by our school on 28th –July-2016 when Eco-Club was introduced here, with the efforts of teachers and some students there was finally a beautiful stage with full of greenery to this programme. All were excited to attend this programme as the Chief Guest was Dr. N.A Madhyasta , a true lover of environment and the true child of mother earth .His thoughts were to inspirational and motivating that it made us realize one fact without trees, without environment no human can survive in this world. He told us how the ecology helps humans in every step of their life. The joint managing trustee Shri Shubhaschandra Shetty sir and Smt. Anupama S. Shetty mam , The Principal and Vice Principal had also attended this programme. Then the college Principal gave us a motivational speech to save environment, he also told us about the solar panel which had been introduced in our school and also motivated us to use ecofriendly items for our needs. On this day a pledge was taken by all of us that we would protect our mother earth in all the possible ways because the greatest threat to our mother earth is a belief that someone else will save it. The main objective of introducing this club in our school was to bring awareness among the students to save environment before its too late.

-Preethi R.Tolar X-‘B’