With a lot of expectations and predefined destination, the academic year 2019-20 started on 06-06-2019. To convey a new set of rules and implementable rules and action plan of 2019-20 for the betterment of students, An Introductory meeting with parents was conducted by our school on 08-06-2019.Mrs. Rekha V Bannadi, Lecturer, Bhandarkar College Kundapur was the chief guest of the meeting. The programme started with a meaningful prayer song and followed by the introduction of the entire teaching staff of the school.

The chief guest of the meeting, Mrs. Rekha V Bannadi addressed our parents and highlighted the importance of love, care and affection of parents, teachers and society towards children. Madam spoke about the value of life skills through stories ( extracted from “Amma Helida Entu Sullugalu” ). The principal of our school, Shri Aravind Marali conveyed the new rules and regulations of 2019 -20 and focused that Each child matters a lot in our school.

The Joint Managing Trustees of BhandyaEducation Trust, Shri Subhaschnadra Shetty and Smt. Anupama S Shetty attended the meeting and expressed a words gratitude to the parents of our school. Their visionary ideas and action plans of the academic 2019-20 were applauded by the parents of our school.