The First Day of School

Can be hard for Mom and Dad

But it is only for little while

As Your child will learn and grow

They will share with you all they know.

The start of a new session is always a time filled with joy and excitement. The entire teaching staff of our school decorated all the classes with colourful thoughts, balloons , ribbons etc… on 06-06-2019 .The teachers were seen making students comfortable and cozy in their new classrooms. Everyone was feeling excited and felt glad to meet their old friends, new teachers and new schedule.

The first Morning Assembly was held for our children by the teaching staff with a series of welcoming programmes. Teachers enthusiastically participated in the Morning Assembly. The entire school became spiritual when the prayer song was started The assembly was ended up with thought-provoking message by the Principal , Shri Aravind V. Marali.

As the school bells start ringing, let us all look forward a bright year ahead and make our school a productive and inspiring centre.