Once James R Lowell quotes in his poem” The loveliness of things taught me all their use”. Indeed , this line is true because fragrance of wild flowers, budding fruit trees , rustling of the long leaves and soft touch of green vegetables make us delightful and ever activeness. This has been a guiding ‘MANTRA ‘ in our campus throughout the academic year. The school campus has more than 400 medicinal plants which help the students to understand the importance of plants and food culture. Since time immemorial , our ancestors used to prepare cook by using various plants, seeds, leaves, and roots which are healthy and tasty . Unfortunately, extreme encroachment of fast-food culture, our traditional food system has been slowly disappearing in society .

To create awareness among parents and children about the need of our traditional food habit, the school had organized a meaningful programme called ‘SASYAMRUTHA ‘on Sunday , 31-08-2016. The founder Chairman , Shri B Appanna Hegde, The chief guest, Dr. Shiva Prasad Shetty, Joint Managing Trustees, Shri Subhaschandra Shetty and Smt. Anupama S Shetty The Prncipal, Shri Shaiju Nair , The teaching staff and hundreds of parents attended the programme . The JMT , Smt. Anupama S Shetty welcomed the gathering with introductory remark. The glittering star of the function, Dr. Shiva Prasad Shetty gave us tantalizing hints about the benefits of Yoga and Traditional food system. The president, Shri B Appanna Hedge stressed the importance of plants and recalled his earlier eco friendly days. Nearly 29 traditional food items were prepared and served for all guests and parents on this auspicious day and winded up with applauding words from the invitees .